Scientists from canadian drugstore have found the reasons that encourage women from time to time to imitate an orgasm. A sociological question conducted by the American specialist Victoria Milan showed that the reasons for feigning orgasm in each woman are different and depend on many factors, but the most common: quality meds from canadian online pharmacies and reluctance to offend the parterre or intention get rid of the possible continuation of sexual intercourse.

Nearly 6,000 women were interviewed in the study, and more than 62% of them periodically imitating orgasm during sexual intercourse. A sociological survey conducted by ViaQX pharmacy website for “anonymous” relationships showed that each of the women does it for different reasons. At the same time, the vast majority of girls who admitted to the simulation, do it for the moral satisfaction of their sexual partner.

More than 10% of respondents also believe that imitation helps to get rid of the continuation of sexual intercourse and contributes to the fastest completion. Interestingly, the initiators of the study noted that they are in favor of gender “equality in bed” in which women should have the same number of orgasms as men.